- 2023 OUTLINE -

The purpose of event

By evaluating and broadcasting photography related to 'Kemono', we are aiming to rediscover the charm of photography and to contribute to the prosperity of Kemono-photography culture.

Entry Period

August 1st, 2022 (Monday) ~ November 30st, 2022 (Wednesday) Japan time 23:59


The competition is open to everyone, whether professional or amateur and regardless of nationality, Person who does not live in Japan also may entry.




Please refer to this page for Jury.


Best Fashion Award:
This award is for works that "quality" and "idea" of clothes and accessories were considered the best. (Limited to clothing and accessories related to the Theme)

Best Messageful Award:
This award is for works that "has appealed a meaningful message." as our intention to rediscover the charm of photography.

Best Lighting Award:
This award is for works that are taking advantage of natural light (the sun), or the lighting equipment, such as Electronic Flash as a representation tool.

Best Composition Award:
This award is for works that took best advantages of the photograph composition by devising a character placement and photography techniques.

Best Audience Award:
This award is presented to the best of all entries by public vote.

This award is for the most outstanding work from all entry.

Award announcement

Nomination works will be announced on the website on the day of the award ceremony.
Awarded works will be announced and presented at the award ceremony in the event "Japan Meeting of Furries" held in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan in January 2023.
All nominated works and awarded works will be presented at ARTIST LOUNGE in the same event.


Japan Furries Photo Competition Executive Committee

- Entry Guidelines -

Submission Rules

Submission Guidelines

How to Enter

After carefully reading all the information on the web page, click the "Entry" button at the bottom, fill out the entry form, upload your work and submit.

Notification of award winners



Entrants' Rights

Although entrants retain the copyright and other equivalent rights to their entries, the organizer retains the rights listed below under "Organizer's Rights."

Organizer's Rights

Entry period has ended.(November 30, 2022)